A wonderful story to tell along the winding course of the rivers Mundo and Bogarra.

In this route, we will go over one of the most impressive mountain ranges in southeastern Albacete. A mountainous region filled with unique plant species and spectacular geological formations.

From the highest tops and crags, birds of prey like the golden eagle or the griffon vulture and the brave Iberian ibex will guide and watch us on this adventure. Come with us to discover this wonderful and little-known spot in the Sierra de Alcaraz and you’ll have a wonderful story to tell.

Following the winding course of the river Mundo and of one of its most important tributaries, the Bogarra, we will observe unique plant species which are typical of this mountainous region. Come with us to discover this beautiful spot and you’ll have a story to tell.

DIFFICULTY – Medium – High

START AND END OF THE EXPERIENCE Carcabos Village (Ayna).38º32´32.00´´ N 02º07´45.07´´W
6-7 hours
Protected flora Amazing relief
River landscapes Wildlife
Food and water.

Trekking footwear. Hiking stick.

Binoculars. Maybe we can see beautifull birds.

Photo camera (with space) 🙂

Activity not recommended for children under 13 years.

LANGUAJES – Spanish and English


¿Are you less than 5? Ask us, there may be other people interested…


    From the deeps

    We will set off from the bottom of the deep canyon of the river Mundo and will continue upstream making short stops to contemplate the fascinating fluvial ecosystem before us.

    Little brother

    We will go upstream until the point where the river Mundo joins the smaller but pristine river Bogarra.
    On our way back to the starting point, we will traverse the vast pine forests of the highest levels and will have an overview of the scenery that will help us understand the scale of this enormous “scar” on the surface of the earth.

    Álvaro García Valero

    Biologist and naturalist, but above all a lover of life, I consider the Segura and Alcaraz mountain ranges as my second home, as well as the great steppes of the southeast of Albacete. I dedicate all my efforts to the study, understanding and dissemination of the natural and cultural values ​​of this fantastic region of the Iberian Peninsula.

    Walking around the Mundo river


    Number of people Price per person
    5-8 18 €
    9-12 16 €
    13-15 14 €

    Maximum 15 people.

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